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SmartDevice is Techstep's lifecycle solution for mobile devices. With Mobile Expense Management, the company's need for cost control and predictability, while affording employees complete freedom and flexibility to use their mobile devices the way they want.


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By configuring simple rules, SmartDevice with Mobile Expense Management will distinguish between business and personal use of the mobile device. The company gains a better overview of mobile costs, while employees are able to use the same mobile device contract for both personal and business purposes.


It provides an overview of all of the company’s plans, devices and additional services. This allows quick and easy control of the company’s total mobile costs.

Mobile Expense Management is a product aimed at the corporate market and requires the company plan to be legally owned by the employer. The software runs in the Microsoft cloud and requires no installation (cloud service without a need for any adaptations to the company’s systems).

The service generates a report with an overview of personal mobile usage for payroll and deduction purposes. This saves the company a lot of time on manual reporting and ensures that the company can easily comply with regulations imposed by the authorities.

Common policy for all employees

A mobile policy is a predetermined agreement between the company and the employee, which governs which parts of mobile device costs will be covered by the company and what the employee must cover themselves. The policy will manage what will be paid for by the company and what will automatically be paid for by the employee.

Salary deduction file

With Mobile Expense Management, the company will receive a file adapted for the company’s payroll system each month. The file contains a complete overview of what each employee should have deducted from their salary in accordance with the agreed policy. The file has been prepared for direct import into the payroll system and ensures that the correct salary deductions are made based on a predefined distribution (policy).

Accounting file

Simplifies the administration associated with receiving and allocating to the right cost location in the company. The file consists of a standard data layout file that the company adapts to their financial system.

Cost control dashboard

This provides a detailed overview of all costs and the distribution of costs by individual employees and departments in the company.

Mobile policy rapport

Overview of employees’ policies and the amount that will be deducted from their salary. Employees will have the opportunity to notify their manager if something that has been classified as personal use is actually work-related. The manager will approve or reject this. In the event that the reimbursement request is approved, the amount will be reimbursed to the employee via their salary

Mobile tax and VAT reports

When employees cover parts of the company’s mobile invoice in the form of a policy for personal use, this results in changes to the VAT accounts. VAT reports provide the company with an overview that allows the company to report the correct VAT basis.

Cost overview, mobile services

Employees will be able to monitor their consumption six months back in time, as well as viewing detailed overviews of their salary deductions.

Cost control management

Administrators can modify the personal data associated with new and existing users. For example, the employee’s e-mail address, name or department. Administrators can also assign or modify the policy to which the employee will be affiliated. It is important that the company ensures that configurations and modifications are updated in order to maintain good data quality.


Benefits for the company

  • Provides the opportunity to ensure common policies for all employees
  • The policy manages what will be paid for by the company and what will be paid for by the employee – automatically
  • Provides the flexibility to offer all employees a mobile plan they can use for both personal and business use
  • Provides control and better predictability of mobile cost 

Benefits for employees

  • A single mobile device for business and personal us
  • Freedom to use the mobile device as they want
  • More efficient and flexible work 

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