How can public sector organisations better manage mobile devices?

Implementing mobile working methods in the public sector offers numerous benefits, such as enhanced accessibility, improved service quality, and greater efficiency in public administration.

In this whitepaper, we highlight key factors that should be considered when procuring, implementing, and managing mobile devices in the public sector:

  • Onboarding of devices and users

    When bringing in new mobile users, challenges arise, from accommodating personal preferences and specific functionality for different user groups, to technical tasks such as registration in the company‘s MDM system. Ensuring a smooth start for new mobile users is absolutely essential. 

  • Usage of mobile devices
    During active usage, various events occur, such as support and repair, operating system updates, new apps are put into use, etc. Control over the entire mobile fleet, both in terms of mobile devices and software, is essential for efficient and secure administration.
  • Offboarding of devices and users
    Deregistration and offboarding is an important process to gain control over. Mobile phones tend to be left in the drawer with a direct impact on security, sustainability and costs.

Our guide gives you valuable insight into the entire mobile device lifecycle along with recommendations for efficient, secure and scalable mobile device implementation and ways of working.

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