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Techstep collects certain types of information about those who visit This Cookie Policy explains why we collect such information, how we collect it, what it is used for and how you can choose not to share information about you as a user, if you do not wish to do so.

Why do we collect information?

We at Techstep use cookies and tracking pixels to analyse our web traffic. It gives you who visit us online a better and more relevant user experience. We also use information gathering to be able to adapt content and ads more individually to you who visit us online. In this way, we hope that the technology helps us to communicate with a higher degree of relevance based on the interests of our users, whether we use our websites, social media or other information or marketing channels online.

How do we collect the information?

The way we collect information is through the use of so-called cookies and similar technologies, such as tracking pixels. Cookies are, in short, small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile phone from the websites you choose to visit, for example Tracking pixels are small blocks of code that are placed on a web page or in an app. These are used to track and understand how you use a web page, for example by giving us information about which page or ad you came from before you visited our web pages.

Who do we share the information with?

The information we receive your consent to collect about you, based on your visit to our websites, we share with other relevant actors and partners in social media, advertising and analytics. The information we provide or receive is often combined with additional information from other sources, eg if you use services from Facebook, Google or other services / platforms online. Information from several sources is then used to draw a clearer picture of how you use the web and what characterises your interests and preferences.

Collection of information on

This document contains a description of the cookies and similar technologies that we use on our site, Our website is evolving as we continue to take steps to implement relevant measures that we and other websites that use cookies are required to follow in accordance with Norwegian and European law. The information below will therefore be updated continuously.

Cookies used on this website

Below you will find a list of cookies that can be created and added to your browser when you visit

Manage cookies and other preferences

Many browsers allow you to manage your preferences yourself. In other words, you can set your browser so that it will not accept certain types of cookies or delete certain cookies.

The companies that offer browsers offer their own help pages to help you manage cookies for their particular products. Here we have gathered information about several of these pages.

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari (Desktop)
  • Safari (Mobile)
  • Android Browser
  • Opera
  • Opera Mobile

If you use other browsers, please visit their help pages to read more. If you disable cookies in your browser, it is important to be aware that this may affect the user experience of the website you visit. This also applies to

On your mobile device, you may also have a "Limit Ad Tracking" setting (on iOS devices) or a setting to "Opt-out of interest-based ads" (on Android). These preferences allow you to restrict the use of information about your use of apps to display ads that are targeted to your interests.

We work with several different advertising partners in Techstep ASA. One of the services we use to track activity related to traffic and use of our websites is Google Analytics. We also occasionally use other providers who in turn use first-party cookies (such as Google Analytics cookies) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) in combination to inform, optimize and display ads based on previous visits to our websites. It includes bla. Google Analytics for display / banner advertising. Google provides tools for managing the collection and use of specific information. Tools related to Google Analytics can be found here. Google Analytics for display / banner advertising or Google display network can be found here.

We may also display interest-based ads to you when you use Facebook through a tool provided by Facebook, called Facebook Custom Audiences. With this tool, we can customize our ads based on your user behavior on our web pages. We never share any of your personal information with Facebook. Facebook offers tools for managing settings here. Facebook's own Privacy Policy can be found here.

Techstep ASA also uses LinkedIn Ads cookies to advertise to LinkedIn users. More information about LinkedIn and how you can withdraw your consent to their use of cookies can be found in their cookie policy here.

Furthermore, we also use the tool Hotjar to see how users navigate around If you do not want to share this information with Techstep and other websites that use Hotjar, you can choose to withdraw from this here.


By continuing to use, you agree that we may be allowed to cookies and other technologies described above.


For questions regarding our Cookie policy, please contact us.

Techstep ASA Cookie Policy was last updated: 2024-05-07