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Secure the mobile ecosystem

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A safe and secure ecosystem around the company`s mobile devices

We have become good at thinking about security when it comes to laptops, but mobile devices still tend to be forgotten - even though they are with employees everywhere.



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  • Mobile threat landscape
    - Espen Knutsen, Chief Information Security Officer | Techstep 

  • Tools and tips for IT managers on how to keep work-enabled smartphones as safe as your corporate-owned laptops
    - Krister Jensen, UEM & Mobile Endpoint Security | Techstep

  • Cyber threats in the Nordic region. How to manage an evolving threat landscape
    - Håkon Styri, Senior Adviser | NSM (National Security Authority )

  • Technology and software. How to use it to build mobile security
    - Lasse Halvorsen | Samsung

Mobile devices pose a risk

Mobile devices pose a risk to organisations and securing them can be difficult. You need to balance security with ease of use, but also consider individuals' privacy. Most employees use their mobile devices for both personal and business matters, and many prefer to bring their own devices to work. 

In this webinar, you will hear experts share their knowledge of the threats that businesses and mobile phones face today. You will also learn what can go wrong if security fails. Plus, get specific advice and tips on how to make the employees' mobile devices as safe as the company-owned laptops.

With Techstep, you can help your employees work from anywhere, anytime and on any device. And enjoy the same seamless and safe experience they get when working at the office or from their corporate-owned laptop. More flexibility and satisfaction come as a bonus!