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We actually don't like mobile technology

We love it! In fact we love it so much that we made sure we have the largest gathering of mobile technology experts in the Nordics under one roof.  They are constantly making sure we stay ahead of the game and take advantage of new opportunities instead of being satisfied that it works as it did before. We got your back in this!

Insights in mobility market


of hacking attempts are aimed at mobile devices
of all online traffic comes from mobile devices
of all BYOD devices in a company are not managed

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Mobile tech is not our hobby – it's our way of life

Our goal is to help enterprises put their device management systems to use. Together, we create smooth mobile user journeys balancing best practice management, security and privacy.

"Most companies have an MDM-system in place, but a minority have unlocked its full potential."

What state is your mobile estate in?


1. Mobile estate?

You mean smartphones? No problem here! Everything works just fine! Or does it really? 

2. Mildly uncomfortable

We got quite a few devices. Maybe they need a bit of extra handling.

3. In denial

There might be a problem, but we can't deal with that now.

4. The pain is unbearable

We can't stand it anymore! Someone needs to do something.

5. We're on top of this

We can only congratulate you and your company on a job well done. We know just how hard it is to get to this stage. But now is not the time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Don't slow down now! 
It's time to innovate, refine and sharpen your usage of mobile tech even further. Lucky for you, this is where we truly shine. 

Mobile tech people with knowledge to be knocked out by

Compared to many other IT players delivering digital workplace, we only do mobility. The sharp focus is what gives us our edge and our customers love us because we keep ahead of the game. Dare to make things better with Android and iOS operating systems. 



Biggest cluster of experts

Not one, not two, but more then 50 mobile technology experts gathered under the same roof. 

Android and iOS knowledge

Together with Google and Apple, we explore the ecosystem frontier to provide you with on-point guidance on the best way forward.


Hardcore competence and partnerships with all the well-established MDM/MTD players in the market.

A daring mentality

We don´t just keep the lights on, we implement new features and functions, ramping up your MDM system.

Keeping the pace

We're on top of all the breaking changes and new functionality that floods the mobility domain.

Born in mobility

We only focus on mobility, that´s it!
We regard that as our most valuable competitive strength.

Companies we advice

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