Mobile Workforce Empowerment: Shifting the Focus to the Overlooked Frontline Workers

For years, white-collar occupations have harvested the rewards of advanced technology, enjoying increased productivity, enhanced connectivity with peers, and significant impacts on the organisations they serve. It's time to extend these advantages to deskless workers, ensuring they too can experience the transformative benefits of cutting-edge mobile technology and join the mobile workforce.

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Mobile Workforce Empowerment: Shifting the Focus to the Overlooked Frontline Workers

March 13, 2024

Mac vs PC: The Never-Ending Debate

The question of Mac vs PC is still prevalent in today's corporate world. In this article, we are delving into factors such as user experience, design, security, and the total cost of ownership of each computer.

February 26, 2024

Mobile Technology Procurement - A Guide for the Public Sector

Want to master mobile technology procurement in the public sector? Our guide offers insights and recommendations on what to consider when purchasing mobile technology. The guide addresses and provides hands-on advice on factors to consider from a purchasing perspective when designing public tenders for mobile devices, lifecycle management, endpoint management, and security.

February 8, 2024

Utilising Residual Value of Mobile Devices - A Long-term Win

Mobile devices are often cast aside after a relatively short period of use. Not recirculating devices when a new one is purchased has a negative impact from a financial, environmental, and security perspective. Let’s go through how to avoid these issues by rethinking the way of buying your mobile devices. By accounting for each device, you can transform your investment into a real win-win situation.