Together we manage your entire mobile ecosystem

All Enterprises need a solution to manage and secure their devices and content, as well as providing a seamless employee experience and cost-efficient management.


Techstep and Samsung supporting your team

Office workers

Whether you supply corporate-owned Samsung devices or support bring-your-own-device scenarios, we can help you automatically enrol devices to the Mobile Device Management solution and set up secure access to your corporate network and resources.

Frontline workers
Frontline workers

For workers in the field, it is important for the device to serve a specific purpose. Scanning barcodes in a warehouse, single-app mode for your truck drivers with GPS always on? You name it. And we will make sure to deliver.


Bridging the distance from the office to the edge of your business.

Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition really is the ultimate mobile tech solution. It offers a range of devices and services to serve the needs of the modern workforce.

With the unmatched security and seamless management it´s the obvious choice for large companies with a workforce that operates both in the office and in the field.


Partnering up for the greater good

Techstep chooses partners who share our ambitious goals for a lower climate footprint - to benefit customers, our environment and the future.

By offering Samsung devices as part of the Techstep Lifecycle solutions, you can be sure that your employees are well-equipped to do their everyday tasks. But you're also making sure that the devices get a longer life, with software support that guarantees updates and security throughout their life. And when no longer needed the devices are disposed of in a safe, compliant and sustainable way. 

How we support you

Lifecycle solutions

Buy and manage the lifecycle of hundreds or even thousands of Samsung mobile devices. With our online store and lifecycle handling software, we enable clients to order, purchase and manage every step of the process to increase efficiency and lower costs.

Managed services

To safely administer hundreds or even thousands of Samsung devices, you need a reliable enterprise mobility management platform and expert guidance in setting it up. Outsource it to our mobility consultants and they will walk you through the process.

Frontline workers

Techstep delivers turnkey mobile solutions for workers in the field. Mobile computers help you keep track of shipments and internal logistic flows, or capture data in field service applications. You can add more features or users at any time.

Secured By Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox Suite

Secure, deploy and manage with Knox Suite. The suite of Knox solutions allows IT administrators to easily manage the company's mobile devices, as well as ensure that all your Samsung devices are ready to use and are automatically registered, managed, and protected.

Samsung Knox-1

From home office to mobile office

It is challenging to support hundreds or even thousands of remote employees using mobile devices: they must all be able to be online at all times, and the software has to work without a hitch. You don’t just need the right hardware to maintain your employees’ productivity – you also need robust tools for setting up, managing and securing mobile devices on a large scale.
Vy Allt på ett ställe

Using mobile technology in a smart way

Good mobile solutions are vital to attract and retain the right employees. They also help your team do a better job. If you are thinking that’s a bit of a bold claim, read our white paper providing good advice for utilising mobile technology in a smart way.
Knox Platform

Samsung Knox comprises a secure platform that is built into Samsung devices, plus a number of solutions that utilise the platform.

Knox Manage

Knox Manage is a user-friendly EMM system that enables IT administrators to monitor and manage the company’s Samsung devices.

Android OS

Secured data with Android OS: 2.7 million apps to choose from, and an interface that is easy to customise so that it is perfect for your users’ requirements, needs and preferences.


Tools that simplify your workday

In order to manage mobile devices as efficiently as possible, a company needs asset management, cost control and lifecycle management. To these you could also add service management, financing, environmentally friendly recycling and secure deletion. With the Techstep Lifecycle solution, you can have Samsung devices that are closely integrated with Knox Mobile Enrollment services, giving your company everything needed to make working with mobile devices easier.


The office should be smart, mobile – and secure

Data is most valuable when it is in the hands of employees who need it to carry out their job better – whenever that is, and wherever they are. However, to protect this data, your employees and the company against the many sophisticated mobile threats they meet out in the real world, it is important to use devices in which security is built in from the ground up – right down to the processor on the circuit board.

Simple administration with Samsung Knox

How do you update the software on your company’s Samsung devices?

The devices’ OS versions can be simply managed externally using E-FOTA (Knox Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air).

How do you transform your company’s devices into tools for work?

Knox Configure enables you to configure devices without unpacking and control them remotely.

Knox mobile enrollment
How do you activate new smartphones in your company?

Knox Mobile Enrollment allows IT administrators to register and manage large numbers of Samsung devices within your company.

Want to know more about creating a mobile office with Samsung?

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