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Apple in business.
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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Apple Devices

Investing in Apple hardware is just the beginning of your tech journey. What truly sets your organisation apart is how effectively you harness, protect, and empower your end-users with technology. 


Outstanding user experience makes for increased productivity 

Discover how Apple's user-centric approach enhances usage satisfaction, streamlines workflows, and empowers users to
accomplish more with ease. Elevate your digital experience with Apple's iconic design philosophy, crafted to inspire and delight users across the globe.

Coherent management of MacOS, iPadOS and iOS 

Unlock the seamless connectivity of Apple devices, all built on a shared framework designed for effortless device enrollment through Apple Business Manager. With robust device management capabilities, you can efficiently oversee your entire fleet of Apple products in a cohesive manner. 

Longevity of Apple products equals low cost of ownership

Apple products are renowned for their reliability and longevity, offering an attractive total cost of ownership and maintaining substantial re-marketing values over time. With their extended lifespan and robust demand for recycled Apple products, choosing Apple is not only a smart financial decision but also a significant environmental win. 


Harness the full power of iOS and Mac technology

When it comes to unlocking the full value of your Apple ecosystem, Techstep is here to support you every step of the way. With nearly two decades of experience in Apple technology and a range of outsourced services, including comprehensive security and management tools for iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS, we are well-equipped to help you make the most of your Apple investment. 

"Our recognition as an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller strengthens our position as your top choice for all Apple-related needs. With a deep understanding of the Apple ecosystem and a dedication to tailoring solutions for businesses, we provide unparalleled support. You can count on us for personalised guidance every step of the way."

Apple in business

Customer Case


Equinor, a global energy leader, has partnered with Techstep to equip their workforce with Apple solutions. With over 20,500 employees across 30+ countries, Equinor sought efficient tools to enhance productivity and safety in remote oil and gas fields. Techstep's Apple services provided them with tailored solutions, including business-ready iPads with specialised applications and innovative 3D/AR technology. These solutions empowered Equinor's deskless workers, improving efficiency and safety across operations. 

Customer Case


Norse Atlantic Airways, a frontrunner in the aviation industry, teamed up with Techstep for top-notch Apple solutions. With over 200 employees and a fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners, Norse aimed for efficiency, compliance, and security. Leveraging Techstep's Apple expertise, they equipped 80 iPads for seamless operations, from service trolleys to pilot support. Shared devices boosted flexibility while ensuring security. Apple's user-friendly interface eased adoption, while Techstep Managed simplified app management. Overall, Norse achieved significant cost reductions in flight administration and boosted its operational efficiency. 


Techstep’s Apple Services

Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller (AAER)

Techstep, as an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller (AAER), specialises in crafting comprehensive solutions that harness the full power of iOS and Mac technology. 

Device deployment with Apple Business Manager (ABM)

Experience seamless integration of Apple Business Manager (ABM) with your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tool, ensuring an out-of-the-box experience for your end-users.

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Enterprise support with Apple Care

With Apple Care for Enterprise, you get flexible service options, prioritised onsite service, and device repair or replacement as soon as the next business day. 

Apple@Work -
A complete out-of-the-box experience

With our Apple@Work service, integrating Mac, iPad, and iPhone into your organisation is seamless. We cover everything for your peace of mind: hardware, lifecycle management, setup, support, and proactive device management. 

Outsourced Apple device management and security

Are you ready to elevate your business to new heights? Say goodbye to the hassle of managing your Apple ecosystem in-house and embrace our innovative outsourced device management solution. 

Device Lifecycle Management for Mac, iPad and iPhone

Streamline the process of delivering Apple devices directly to your end-users with our comprehensive lifecycle management solution. Through a user-friendly portal, equipped with powerful self-service options and automated lifecycle events, we make it easy to manage your devices efficiently. 

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