Apple in Business

Techstep delivers a holistic Apple as a service concept that covers all your needs to easily buy and manage your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This means reduced costs associated with purchase and use, increased security, as well as assistance with transformation to the digital workplace.

Apple in Business

Why Apple?

Techstep chooses partners who share our ambitious goals - to shape the future of work so it's smart, secure and sustainable.

Paired with Techstep services and expert help, iPhones, iPads and Macs are ideal tools to boost productivity, transform the way we work and create a positive impact on the world of work.

Good for your business, good for the planet.



For an overburdened IT department, choosing a Mac means a significantly faster installation of new devices, fewer support questions, more built-in security and cheaper, simpler license management.

At Techstep, we can safely and cost-effectively outsource the Mac computers your business needs in line with employees' real needs and preferences for mobile work tools. The Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) option from Techstep also includes other mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

With Mac@Work, your business can have Apple Macs delivered and managed as a service from Techstep at a fixed monthly price. It doesn't get any easier.



The iPad is a perfect tool for creating new and better ways of working. Many companies face an increasingly tough, more competitive everyday life, and are in need of a mobile transformation to get better results. With iPad@Work, you can give your employees exactly the iPad model they need to do their work as efficiently as possible. All delivered as a service from Techstep.

Techstep and Apple supporting your team

Managed Services
Managed Services

Our certified experts have been trained to deliver premium mobility management services. They will make sure your devices follow the latest best practices coming straight from Apple, including device setup, security and software updates, and troubleshooting hacks. 

Lifecycle solutions
Lifecycle Solutions

Simplify and digitise lifecycle management for your iPhones, iPads, and Macs.  You can choose different products within the Lifecycle suite, which include an online store, lifecycle management software, device leasing, repairs and more.

Get a complete solution for managing Apple devices

Webshop for ordering devices

Let your employees order Macs, iPhones and iPads from a customized web shop with several models and accessories. You can choose all Apple device models available in the market, or limit it to specific models for employees to choose from.

Managed mobility services

With a UEM solution, Techstep can easily manage devices on your behalf. Security is managed through an adapted policy profile that ensures compliance with regulations and requirements. This covers WiFi, VPN, email and app configurations.

Proactive support

Our help doesn't end when the deployment is done. Since mobile devices and solutions are constantly evolving, proactive services include weekly health checks, regular updates and follow-ups.

Great user experience

When new devices are bought, we offer a simplified and standardized user experience with an easy enrolment process and SSO, making sure that assigned configurations and apps are automatically applied to the right users and devices, and granting the correct access.

How iPads and Techstep Managed help speed up processes in Equinor

With Techstep Managed, Johan Sverdrup achieved efficiency and happy deskless workers and was able to open well ahead of time before the planned opening date.
Apple in Business

Apple Business Manager (ABM)

Apple Business Manager (ABM) makes it easy for businesses to set up Apple devices and products as well as monitor and simplify the company's purchase of content and apps. It gives end users an out-of-the-box feel — they can get started using their new device faster, and all company content is available on the device as soon as it is put into use. Without the need for IT to do any manual tasks.

With managed services from Techstep, you can get support managing Apple Business Manager and integrating it with the Enterprise Mobility Management tool. No matter which one you're using. We got this.

AppleCare for Enterprise

AppleCare for Enterprise

AppleCare for Enterprise (ACE) is a service provided by Apple to support your employees and their devices. It has a minimum number of 50 Apple devices, and it is possible to mix iPhone, iPad and Mac on the service.

The service includes customer support for your employees and IT, on-site hardware service and additional repair and device replacement.


Create your optimal workspace with Techstep and Apple.

Together we find the solutions and devices that are suitable for your business.