Expert Outsourced Mobile Device Management of iOS and Android Devices

With our guidance, you don't have to worry about managed mobility

Our technicians will take care of it. With over a decade of industry experience, we know how to deliver comprehensive outsourced solutions for efficient iOS and Android device management. Our tailored services ensure best-practice MDM (Mobile Device Management) implementation, robust support, and proactive maintenance for all Android and iOS units. We expertly handle your mobile assets, providing a future-proof mobile ecosystem that supports your ways of working. 

Outsourced Mobility Figures



dedicated mobile tech experts at your service 

2,2 million

Android and iOS devices managed by Techstep 


parameters handled in our best practice set-up 

Our best practice approach

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1. Best practice set-up

Extensive checklists that follow supplier recommendations and more. 

2. Proactive services

Being proactive instead of reactive to mitigate unpleasant surprises and stay ahead of the game. 

3. Expert support

Tap into our well of knowledge and get a constant flow of the latest mobility advice. 

4. Easy 3 step deployment

Step 1: Unpack device and turn it on 
Step 2: Log in  
Step 3: Start using your ready-to-use device 

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5. Future proof mobility

Your iOS and Android mobile estate is well managed, allowing you to explore mobile digitisation initiatives and scalable, safe, and secure ways of working. 

Mobile technology we manage

Microsoft Intune
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Get it right from the start

A decade of experience and numerous implementations have shaped our best practice approach to setting up MDM correctly from the start. 

  • Standardised set-up based on best practices 
  • Well-documented and organised structure  
  • Profiles for device configuration and settings 
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Proactive services

Stay ahead of the game

Regular weekly checks and monthly reports, accompanied by suggested improvements, as well as consistent operating system (OS) updates, ensure that you stay ahead in the swiftly evolving world of mobility. 

  • Weekly health assessments 

  • Monthly status reports

  • Recommendations and implementation of changes

  • Ongoing OS updates 

Professional Support

We have you covered

Gain access to a team of experts with in-depth insights and knowledge about your system and environment, providing precise guidance and hands-on assistance. 

  • 50+ mobility experts at your service  
  • Communication in Nordic languages for your convenience  
  • ITIL framework and methods 
  • Direct access to your MDM system 
Effortless Deployment

Comfortable Deployment Experience

Reduce time and hassle for both your IT department and end users. Through automated over-the-air deployment, we cut down deployment time to a fraction of what it used to be. 

  • Simplified deployment with Apple Business Manager and Samsung Knox enrollment 
  • Easy setup with just your username and password 
  • Minimised time and hassle for setup 
Get started with outsourced mobility

Your challenges are our expertise

We help enterprises put their device management system to use and get the most out of their Android and iOS devices. We successfully take care of device setup, security, software updates, and troubleshooting hacks. 

Benefits of outsourcing
your mobile technology management

Mobile technology management is our A-game. We have extensive knowledge
of all major Mobile Device Management platforms and vast experience in putting technology into use. With the biggest cluster of mobile technology experts in the Nordics, equipped with industry best practices for implementation and maintenance, we are confident we can make mobile technology work for you and your users.


Automated Deployment

Over-the-air deployment with the help of Apple Business Manager and Samsung Knox enrollments ensures excellent user experience and time savings. 

Monitoring & Reporting

Stay up to date on the overall status of your mobile estate with regular weekly health checks and monthly reports. 

Device _enrollment
Continuous Improvements

Mobility is a fast-moving game where new features and functions arise regularly. We offer expert guidance to ensure that your solution integrates the latest advancements for optimal performance. 

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Operating System Updates

Get optimal device protection and productivity with continuous OS updates enforced through conditional access. 

Nordic Language Support

Our team of tech consultants speaks fluent Swedish or Norwegian and is rooted in Nordic mobility. 

Leading MDM tools

We provide our managed mobility service using top MDM tools such as Intune, Workspace One, Ivanti Endpoint Manager, Jamf, and more. 

Extensive Implementation Experience

With a wealth of knowledge gained from numerous implementations, we apply best practices for MDM setup, ensuring efficient and effective management. 

Dedicated Team of 50+ Mobile Experts

Skilled mobile technology experts are hard to come by. We take pride in offering their knowledge as an ongoing service to support your needs. 

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