Freedom for business.
Responsibility for the future.

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Changing the world
of work

Through mobile technologies, we’re making positive changes to the world of work freeing people to work more effectively, securely and sustainably.

At Techstep we passionately believe in the power of technology to drive positive change. For us that means freeing people up to work in smarter ways, making them happier and more productive employees. Equally importantly, it’s about using and managing technology in ways that make work more sustainable for all our futures.

This is Techstep

We help customers who want to work smarter, while also delivering on their ESG commitments. By bundling mobile devices, software, information security, and expertise, we help customers to realise their organisations’ potential through deploying the right mobile work tools to the right employees, ensuring more effective work and more engaged employees.

Built on a decade of telecoms and mobile technology expertise, Techstep was established in 2016. Our goal is to be the leading European mobile technology enabler for customers that want to work smarter and more sustainably.

250+ employees

based in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland

2,000 customers

across different industries
and sectors

Oslo Stock Exchange

our company is listed on the
Oslo stock Exchange

Through mobile technologies we're making positive changes to the world of work


Setting business free

Traditional boundaries of space, place and legacy technology are still holding businesses back. Our mobile technology and software expertise enables them to grow and evolve. The future of work is mobile, we can help you get there.

Sustainability forever

Everything we do has to work now and for the future – the planet’s future. Nothing matters more. We’re always looking to minimise environmental impact however we can, for example by streamlining processes and extending the lifespan of mobile devices.

Making things simple

What generally prevents organisations from adopting mobile technologies is fear of complexity. At TechStep we have the expertise to simplify complex challenges around integration, device management and software. With us, getting to the standardised, robust solutions your business needs to grow and flourish is straightforward.

Understanding our customers

We believe in developing a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses, working together to face new challenges. Because that’s how we build the long term partnerships that deliver the best results.

Did you know 80 % of the world’s workforce is deskless?

Techstep's mobile solutions make for better business, happier workers and a greener planet.

of employees use at least one
90 kg

CO2 emission per smartphone


of all e-mails are read on a


say that smartphones are the
company’s biggest security risk


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