Endpoint security for all your mobile devices

You don't need Endpoint Security 

Until you really do! While mobile devices may initially feel secure enough with an MDM, the need for additional security measures can often seem unnecessary. However, it's crucial to recognise that the question isn't so much "if" but "when" a security breach will occur. We bring our security know-how to the table, enabling your business to operate securely, and deal with threats before they happen. 

Mobile security threats in numbers

malicious mobile apps are blocked daily on mobile app stores
of companies with a global presence have suffered a compromise in the last 12 months
of Android devices are running outdated OS versions (as of 2021)

Best-practice Endpoint Security

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Device-Based Threats

Address security risks that exploit vulnerabilities within the operating system, such as jailbreaking, outdated OS versions, and configuration issues. These threats aim to gain unauthorised permissions and access to the device. 

Network-Based Vulnerabilities

Shut down exploitable targeting vulnerabilities in the way websites or applications initiate TLS/SSL sessions across Wi-Fi, cellular, or other networks. 

App-Based Security Risks

Protect against various threats posed by malicious apps, including the theft of information, data leaks, and unauthorised remote access to other systems. 

Anti-Phishing Measures

Remain proactive against deceptive tactics designed to deceive users. Our proactive measures effectively counter phishing attempts and deceptive content, lowering the chances of falling for tricky schemes.  


Mobile endpoint protection made simple

Keep your critical endpoint devices used for company communication, data storage, and sharing up to date. Our service ensures freedom from security threats such as phishing, malware, or ransomware. With potentially hundreds or even thousands of devices in use at your company, you can rely on us to safeguard your company's data while maintaining employee privacy uncompromised. 

Security coverage chart

Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile App Management (MAM) solutions are a significant first step in securing all your mobile devices. But MDM/MAM solutions themselves are very limited and were not created with the purpose to protect endpoints and data from malicious intentions, and they lack critical mobile security features, including advanced threat detection and containerisation.

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The set-up is on us

Standardised implementation of MTD according to best practices, with recommended configuration for handling Apple iOS/iPadOS and Google Android devices.  

  • Configuration of Mobile Threat Defence system from leading MTD vendors. 
  • Integration with UEM/MDM for automated remediation actions if threats/incidents occur.
  • Configured to comply with privacy regulations and respect user privacy.
Proactive services

Proactively managed

Weekly checks and monthly reports performed by a dedicated team of experts running and monitoring the solution proactively. 

  • Weekly health checks.
  • Monthly status reporting.
  • Help customer SOC to gain better visibility of threats on mobile devices.
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We got you covered

Gain access to a team of experts with valuable insights and knowledge tailored to your set-up and environment for on-point advice and hands-on support.   

  • +50 mobility experts at your service.
  • We all speak Nordic languages for your convenience.
  • We follow the ITIL framework and methods to ensure effective support.
  • First-hand access to your MTD system.
Get started with Secured

Simple endpoint security

Our managed security services include regular health checks, updates, software deployment, and premium support. With us, you can rest assured that your endpoint security is fully taken care of, without the need to hire in-house cybersecurity experts or navigate the complexities of this field.

Mobile technology we manage

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Benefits of mobile tech defence as a service

In a world where mobile threats are ever evolving, our proactive services go above and beyond, conducting weekly check-ins and providing monthly reports to safeguard your environment. Experience peace of mind with Techstep’s Secured MTD — a comprehensive solution crafted with industry best practices and our experts' knowledge. We deliver a turn-key security solution, ensuring your mobile devices remain healthy and up to date. Your security is our top priority. 



Standardised implementation

Benefit from standardised best practice implementation and configuration of Mobile Threat Defense from leading MTD vendors, ready to enroll devices/users. 

Checks & Reports

Weekly health checks and monthly reports keep you updated on the overall status of your mobile estate.  

MDM integrations

Integration with UEM/MDM for automated remediation actions if threats/incidents occur. 


Eliminate the need for investing in knowledge, internal resources, and expertise while still providing a modern security solution for your employees. 

Nordic-speaking support

Rest assured, all our tech consultants speak Swedish or Norwegian and have a background in Nordic mobile technology. 

Leading MTD tools

We deliver our mobile threat defence service on top of leading MTD tools like Check Point, Lookout and Zimperium. 

Enhanced Threat Visibility

Enhance threat visibility across your mobile device estate and gain valuable insights guiding you towards necessary precautions.    

+ 50 mobile experts

Mobile technology experts do not grow on threes. That is why we are extra proud to be able to offer their knowledge as a recurring service. 


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