Lifecycle management for all your mobile devices in a secure and sustainable way


We are control freaks

In a positive way. The freedom of responsibility is a wonderful thing, but certain things can easily spiral out of control. Companies and their digital devices are one of those things. Our powerful Lifecycle portal has the ability to control every aspect of a device's lifecycle, all the way from purchasing and onboarding to offboarding and recycling.

Interesting figures


of IT decision-makers state that a benefit of Device as a Service (DaaS) is that their IT teams can focus more on strategic tasks.
of the biggest companies in the Nordics state that the environmental aspect is important when buying IT products and services.
of Nordic enterprises 
have worn out devices laying 
around the office.

Scale your device lifecycle management without adding administration

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Standardised assortment

Freedom of choice within your company assortment, and devices ready to use straight out of the box makes for a great user experience.  

Device _enrollment
Policy driven self service

Let your mobile policy come to life and set the rules for all lifecycle events, performed by the employees themselves.

Manage everything in a single portal

Stay in control and gain insights on the device estate on a micro and macro level by having all event details at your fingertips. 

Valuable insights

A bird's-eye view of your mobile estate provides valuable insights and facilitates both reporting and decision making.


Automated lifecycle management as-a-service

Managing the lifecycle of thousands of mobile devices is a full-time job. Questions arise at every stage, from purchase to repairs and returns. With the implementation of our lifecycle service, the burden is lightened, enabling you to scale mobile usage in a controlled manner. We address the entire lifecycle by letting your mobile policy establish the rules. This allows you to automate processes and enhance user freedom through self-service options.
mobile policy
Policy driven self service

Put your mobile policy into real-life practice

By setting policy parameters on everything from purchasing amount to repair service and asset runtime, you can cut down on administrative tasks by letting the portal implement your company's decisions, minimising questions from employees.

  • Single sign-on experience
  • Employee self-service
  • Different user types and rights
  • Fixed amount covered by the company
  • Quarantine time after purchase
  • All users can purchase, repair, and return devices
  • Different repair options (24h, 48h, swap, protect)
  • End-of-life management (buyout, return, or recycle)
Standardised webshop assortment

Ready-to-go devices enable scalability

By pre-selecting your webshop assortment to accommodate different users and then applying zero-touch enrollment procedures, devices can be ordered and shipped directly to the hands of the end user.

  • Buy or lease devices, it's your choice
  • Ready to use straight out of the box
  • Company-specific assortment
  • Split payment with employees
  • Purchase selected accessories
Asset overview

Manage your estate and regain that 'on top of things' feeling

As a manager in the portal, we work to keep you on top of things, giving you the ability to administer, control, and monitor events related to your device estate and all end users and their devices.

  • Easy overview of all assets, users, and their belongings
  • Action-oriented status overview
  • See the remaining lifecycle time for all devices
  • Add your own labels for easy filtering
  • Get detailed information for each asset
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Insight module

Achieve superiority with insights

Data on all lifecycle events is aggregated to present valuable insights related to all your assets for easy budgeting, purchase decisions, and ESG reporting.

  • Forecast upcoming device purchases
  • Keep track of device repairs
  • Gain insights on your mobile estate composition
  • Track your carbon footprint
power to the people
Get started with Lifecycle

Power to the people and removing the question marks once and for all

We help companies put their mobile policy into play, with easy self-service governed by your policies. Our smooth Lifecycle portal addresses all lifecycle events, freeing up time, frustration, and questions for both the IT department and your users.

Features you need for a hassle-free device life

Managing large mobile estates is more than a full-time job. Questions arise on everything from available assortment to purchase, repairs, and what to do with your old device when it's time for a new one.

With the use of our lifecycle portal, we put your mobile device policy into practical use, allowing your IT department to decentralise everyday tasks and gain better control of the estate. Controlled user freedom, along with assembly-line-like lifecycle management, is a win-win for the IT department and the end-user.

Mobile policy

The company defines guidelines for available assortment, cost covered by the company, type of repair service, and how long a device should be used. 

Asset management

All device lifecycle events are captured in the portal's asset management module. Swiftly get insights on a macro or micro level for direct actions or future budgeting.  

Self service

Users are automatically logged in to the portal (SSO) and can handle purchase and repairs within the framework set in the company policy. 

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Ensure proper management and that the users get up and running without frustration by enrolling assets with the help of Apple Business Manager or Samsung KME.

Repair & exchange

When accidents happen, users can send the device in for repair or get it replaced without contacting the IT department.

Secure recycling

Make sure that end-of-life devices get put to use in a secure and sustainable way either bought by the user or erased and recycled by us. 

Quarantine time

Skip costly chains of purchase approval by letting the portal set a quarantine time on all user purchases, preventing them from buying more than one device.

Automated events

Let the portal handle communication with users for purchase and return events based on your set lifecycle run time. 

Carbon footprint

Gain insights on your carbon footprint related to device usage and facilitate mandatory ESG reporting.

Purchase forecast

Don't get surprised by big device investments with the use of the purchase forecast report.

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