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Procure with conscience

SmartDevice is a complete and sustainable portfolio that helps enterprises integrate and manage all mobile devices from procurement to end-of-life. Users are empowered to choose, fix and replace mobile devices whilst enterprises have visibility and cost control over their mobile fleet.

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What can SmartDevice do for you?

How it works

We understand your need to swiftly procure and manage the lifecycle of hundreds or even thousands of mobile devices. To make the most of your investment, you need to be confident that total lifetime costs have been factored into your calculations. And finally, when the time comes, you need the reassurance that devices are repurposed responsibly.

The SmartDevice solution, with our online store and lifecycle handling software, enables clients to order, purchase and manage every step of the process to increase efficiency and lower costs. SmartDevice provides a complete ecosystem, with recycling or repurposing of obsolete devices included as standard.

SD one common policy
How it helps you

One common policy for all employees

Techstep's SmartDevice helps you set a common and fair policy for all employees. This ensures that you can manage which purchases it covers and what the employees themselves must cover. Employees can also choose to buy more expensive devices and pay the difference themselves.
Repairing mobile devices
How it helps our environment

Repairing and reusing mobile devices

With SmartDevice, there's no need to buy unnecessary devices. You can make arrangements for rapid repair of devices, as well as recycling in connection with maintenance as part of green returns.
Lifecycle management
How it helps your company

Complete lifecycle management

Establish a clear policy and get end-to-end control of all mobile devices in use in your company. This provides an overview of where each mobile device is situated in its predefined lifecycle.

SD administered
How it helps your employees

Administered through a single self-service portal

Save time and reduce costs on logistics with automated processes and workflows. With SmartDevice your company and employees get access to administrate the lifecycle of mobile devices in one single portal.

SmartDevice benefits


Purchase flexibility

Choose whether to own or lease mobile devices. Employees can choose a more expensive mobile device and pay the difference themselves.

Clear business policy

SmartDevice ensures you have a clear business policy. This provides employees with complete flexibility to buy and use their mobile device in the way they want, while safeguarding the company's need for cost control.

Lifecycle management

With a complete overview of the status of the lifecycle of your devices, SmartDevice makes it easier to contribute to a more sustainable handling of mobile devices.

Manage everything in one portal

A cloud-based portal that brings everything together so that employees can manage administrative matters and logistics themselves, while your company retains overall control and overview.

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