Rugged mobile
technology tailored
for frontline workforce efficiency

Transform your business

Elevate your business by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge solutions, including rugged devices from Honeywell, designed for frontline workers. As your strategic partner and Honeywell device reseller, we go beyond just selling – we empower your company by ensuring access to the latest technological advancements.

Why does workforce digitalisation matter?


of the world's workforce performs away from the desk
of frontline workers report that they use less-than-ideal devices to do their work
of frontline workers want more technology in order to do a better job

Crafting Solutions for Every Frontier

Honeywell's commitment to excellence transcends industries, offering a spectrum of devices meticulously designed for specific roles, each contributing to the efficiency, safety, and progress of diverse sectors. They offer a robust lineup of mobile computing devices, advanced scanning and vision solutions, voice-enabled technologies, and a comprehensive suite of software for enhanced productivity and collaboration.


Platinum Partnership

Our mission is simple – making your success our priority. As a Honeywell Platinum Partner, we take this commitment seriously and go the extra mile. Imagine a toolkit filled with the latest and greatest technologies, tailor-made by experts who really get your specific regional or industry requirements. It's not just about offering solutions; it's about delivering a complete package designed to elevate your success.

Honeywell focus markets

Distrubution centres

Advanced scanning and asset management solutions optimising inventory and streamlining workflows in distribution centres.


Mobile payment, voice-directed work, and scanning technologies enhance the retail experience, improving customer service and operational efficiency.

Transportation and logistics

Rugged mobile devices and operational intelligence solutions ensure reliability, optimise routes and provide real-time insights for improved efficiency.


Honeywell hardware use case


Maxbo set ambitious goals, aspiring for 100% mobile device usage. In just three months, results surpassed expectations and laid the foundation for ongoing projects. By leveraging Honeywell devices with our solutions, we helped mark a significant leap in efficiency, transforming Maxbo's operations in the building supplies industry.

Maxbo, a leading building supplies provider, faced internal resistance to mobile devices due to WiFi issues and a cumbersome repair process. Employees found it easier to revert to pen and paper, causing inefficiencies, communication failures, and increased errors.

Through our expertise we revamped Maxbo's system, maintaining the familiar user interface while implementing robust, Honeywell Android-based rugged mobile devices with 4G connectivity for seamless operations. The solution, delivered through Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), included hardware, software, operation, maintenance, service, support, and 24-hour replacement service.

Businesses transformed with our support



Making progress through versatile rugged devices

Honeywell's array of devices reshapes operational efficiency by incorporating state-of-the-art mobility solutions, voice automation, precision scanning, and adaptable printing options. This comprehensive suite paves the way for streamlined operations across various industries.






Designed for diverse environments, Honeywell's mobility solutions cater to retail floors, distribution centres, backrooms, and curbside operations. Devices like CT30XP, CK65/66, and EDA61K ensure seamless movement and efficiency in dynamic work settings.


honeywell_mobile_devices_02Voice Automation

Experience hands-free efficiency with Honeywell's voice automation solutions. The SRX3 Bluetooth Headset and Talkman revolutionise communication, enhancing productivity and communication in various industries.



Honeywell's scanning solutions offer a range of options for different needs. High-performance, battery-free scanners like Xenon XP 1960g and traditional scanners like Voyager ensure accurate and efficient data capture. Hands-free options like Vuquest 3320G and wearables like 8675i provide versatility in scanning applications.


Print & Media

Whether on the move or at a fixed station, Honeywell's print and media solutions have you covered. From mobile options like RP and LNX3 to desktop choices like PC43 and PC45, these devices deliver reliable printing for a variety of applications.


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