Mesta is Norway's leading company in road and railway operation and maintenance, with over 200 years of experience. They construct, maintain, and develop Norwegian infrastructure for public and private clients and is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry. 

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Mesta has been on a yearlong digitalisation journey, aiming to proactively foster a more sustainable operation throughout their entire organisation. Mesta's decision to partner with Techstep as their provider of smarter mobile technology is grounded in a longstanding, successful, and mutually beneficial relationship.

èstfjordbrua brõyting


Mesta had to change their operating system for data capture, a shift that required support for season-based tasks such as edge-cutting, snow ploughing, and cleaning.  In search of a solution to manage operations separately and ensure stability, Mesta tested several suppliers, solutions, and demos, ultimately choosing Techstep as their MDM and hardware provider. The decision was easy because, at Techstep, Mesta received an in-house developed MDM solution with simple administration and app rollout. Techstep’s expertise and competence made us the natural choice to support Mesta on their journey towards continued digitisation of their organisation.



The end result was a seamless and hassle-free solution including both hardware and software, which leveraged years of collaboration between Techstep and Mesta. The chosen hardware for this solution was tablets from Samsung, which ensured reliability and efficiency. The tablets were prepared at the distributor and resulted in a truly zero-touch experience for the end user. To support the Samsung tablets, we implemented our Essentials MDM and Managed Kiosk solutions, which is Techstep’s own software for mobile device management.

The benefit for Mesta lies in the problem-free delivery of fully configured hardware, thanks to Techstep's expertise and know-how. Since it's Techstep’s own software, the journey from support to the developer is very short, and any request or problem is quickly handled, ensuring that Mesta could be confident that their devices are both secure and ready to use.  Not only that, but all the shared devices are managed by a remote-control function in Techstep Essentials MDM, where Mesta can be sure to get quick support from our support centre. The shared devices are equipped with two main apps to ensure work-only usage of the tablets, and Mesta is provided with a simple rollout of apps to their devices.



  • Mesta and Techstep’s strong relationship has allowed us to develop and improve our product portfolio by gaining insightful feedback from Mesta.
  • Mesta is experiencing simple administration of their devices and operational security.
  • Zero-touch experience for both Mesta and the end user. Techstep did all the heavy lifting when it comes to rollout of the devices.
"Techstep has been responsive and solution-oriented in relation to Mesta's wishes and needs!"

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