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Techstep is a complete mobile technology enabler, making positive changes to the world of work; freeing people to work more effectively, securely and sustainably.


Techstep Q2 and H1 2022 results

Techstep is strengthening its position in a growing global managed mobility market. Here you find more information on our Q2 2022 results:

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Work smart. World smart.

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gross profit (NOK, proforma LTM)


Recurring revenue annualised (NOK, proforma LTM)

13 %

EBITDA adj/gross profit (NOK, proforma LTM)


EBITDA adj. (NOK, proforma LTM)




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Annual and sustainability report

Techstep's annual report 2021

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Work smart. World smart.

At Techstep we believe in the power of technology to drive positive change. For us that means freeing people up to work in smarter ways, making them happier and more productive employees. We use and manage mobile technology in ways that make work more sustainable for all our futures.


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ESG at Techstep

Techstep is committed to creating a real impact that benefits society

Our services and solutions benefit workers, enterprises, society and our planet. We have made a commitment to responsible use of resources and our business model is built to reduce our environmental footprint.