Tron Syversen

Our Head of Sales Engineering who dreamed of becoming a chef. Lucky for us that dream never came true, because Tron is a bauta in our business. Always smiling, always delivering to a high standard.


Meet Mr Man

We had a quick chat with our Head of Sales Engineering Tron, and asked him some questions. What we found out is that he rather gives up social media in the future than having to eat the same dinner every day for the rest of his life. And he prefers crime to romantic comedy. What else is there to know? It is a few more things for sure!

Name: Tron Syversen
Age: 50
Techstep Office: Norway
Role: Head of Sales Engineering
When did you start at Techstep: April 1, 2018  

Dancing or chilling in the bar?

- I have become too old to dance, and I also have back pain laughs Tron. So the answer is probably that you will found me hanging in the bar with a beer.  

How about staying in bed on a Sunday morning or running out for a quick morning jog? Here he had a pretty clear answer, that it will unfortunately be chilling in bed. But ideally it should be go for a jog.

Speaking to the animals?

We asked if he would like to talk to animals or could speak all the world's human language.
-I am very interested in languages, so being able to master all the languages ​​of the world would have been very very fun!

How did you hear about Techstep?

Tron has worked for over twenty years in the mobile industry and a few years ago he heard rumors about both the establishment of a new company, with a focus on delivering mobile solutions as a service, as well as several he knew from the industry worked there. Good people and very exciting vision to become a provider of mobile technology. So from reputation to my workplace simply.

What about the future?

When asked how he envisages that the working methodology will change in the future, Tron answers that Techstep are clearly in the right industry at the right time. Our services will meet the new normal of working mobile with high degree of control and security. We will help customers to utilize the technology in a smart way, both for companies as well as the employees who work there.

Goals for the future

- We are a new organization. Composed of several companies across several countries, which are united in one Techstep. I am passionate about making our product portfolio as attractive and value-creating as it can be for our customers. Win more large customers, preferably operating in the Nordic region so we can benefit from the fact that we are an organization that can assist cross nordics. My goal is that we succeed in getting more customers in the future that benefits from our services. 

What else do you do then?

- You know I'm very interested in food and wine. And very often a combination of both, he says and laughs. Beyond that, I like skiing, both cross-country and alpine. I like to be in the mountains in the winter, I also have a hunting dog by the way. In the summer, it is the sea and the boat in focus. I live a bit with the season in other words. A little Lars Monsen so to speak..

No favorite books?

When asked what you like to read, or if he had any podcasts to recommend, we fell a little short. Although he confirms that he likes to read, it's mostly the news. Check out what's going on in the world. But nothing to recommend, other than that the BBC was a good news channel he could vouch for.


Always fun to manage to get some fun fact, something that no one else knows. But then Mr Tron has to think long and hard. It was not so easy, no big surprises with this man he claimed.

BUT we found out that his dream when he entered working life was to become a chef. But little cooking professionally, so then it is probably more the family and boys' trips to the mountains who will enjoy his skills in the kitchen. Personally, I would like to emphasize that Tron always wears colorful shirts that put you in a good mood.

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