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Rugged devices for every environment

Accidents happen – but it shouldn’t slow down business

Rugged devices out on the field, in factories, and worksites need to be tough enough to handle the most challenging circumstances — everything from bumps, vibrations, dust, and moisture — but not impact business productivity. No longer just tools for convenience, rugged devices have become indispensable assets that empower frontline workers to overcome challenges and excel in their roles while maintaining productivity for the business.

Samsung rugged devices for businesses

Durable units certified for hard work

Pushing boundaries of durability and performance. From ruggedised laptops with military-grade durability to intrinsically safe smartphones for hazardous environments, the options available to frontline workers are more diverse and advanced than ever before.

Work in all kinds of environments

Galaxy rugged devices can be used with gloves and wet screens, and are just as responsive and reliable in rough outdoor environments as they’re indoors in the office. IP68 rating and MIL-STD 810G certification mean they can withstand water, dust, shocks, and drops. Exchangeable batteries also contribute to increased productivity in the field.


Rugged smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy XCover series combines durability with performance, featuring MIL-STD certification, IP68 water and dust resistance, and long-lasting batteries.

Rugged tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active series provides rugged tablets designed for tough environments. Its features include an IP68 rating, S Pen support, and enhanced touch sensitivity for glove use. 

Rugged wearables

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active series offers durable smartwatches with military-grade durability, built-in GPS, and health and fitness tracking features.

Samsung Galaxy


✔️ Rugged design with IP68 water and dust resistance for durability in harsh environments.
✔️ Enhanced security features such as Knox Suite integration for safeguarding sensitive data.
✔️ Long-lasting battery life to support extended work hours in the field.
✔️ Push-to-Talk functionality for instant communication between team members.
✔️ Compatibility with enterprise applications for seamless business operations.


Samsung Galaxy

XCover6 Pro

✔️ Military-grade durability to withstand tough working conditions.
✔️ Optimised for outdoor use with a bright display that remains visible in sunlight.
✔️ Integrated barcode scanner for inventory management and asset tracking.
✔️ Enhanced productivity features, including multitasking capabilities and split-screen functionality.
✔️ Secure biometric authentication options for convenient yet secure access.
Samsung Galaxy

TabActive4 Pro

✔️ Ruggedised design with MIL-STD-810G certification for durability in challenging environments.
✔️ S Pen compatibility for precise input and signature capture, ideal for fieldwork.
✔️ Enhanced security features such as Samsung Knox for protecting sensitive business data.
✔️ Long battery life to support extended work hours without frequent recharging.
✔️ DeX mode support for desktop-like productivity when connected to an external monitor.
Samsung Galaxy


✔️ Built-in ruggedness with IP68 water and dust resistance for reliable performance outdoors.
✔️ Removable battery for uninterrupted usage in the field, ideal for extended shifts.
✔️ Enhanced productivity features, including multi-window support and Samsung DeX compatibility.
✔️ Enterprise-grade security features such as Samsung Knox Suite integration for data protection.
✔️ Advanced connectivity options including LTE support for seamless remote work capabilities.
Equip your frontline heroes with the tools they deserve

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