The go-to MDM solution
for Apple devices

The perfectly crafted basket for all your Apples

Jamf is the ideal solution for managing your Apple devices with ease. It's not merely a practical choice; it stands alone as the single solution that turns overseeing iPhones, iPads, and Macs into a seamless affair. Jamf's user-friendly interface, crafted with precision for macOS and iOS, immediately sets it apart. Opting for Jamf means more than just acquiring Mobile Device Management (MDM); it's gaining a friendly, reliable ally to seamlessly handle your device management – no fuss, no hassle.

Managing numbers


of the millennials claim to get more done by using technology they like
of the workforce prefers using personal devices over company-owned ones, and notably, managers are leading this trend
of companies let unmanaged devices access confidential assets

Neglected endpoints cause vulnerability

Despite being highly favoured by users and finding a widespread presence in the modern workplace, Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac often suffer from inadequate management, primarily due to the legacy of Windows-centric environments. This shortfall can lead to security vulnerabilities and compatibility issues.

Jamf is a comprehensive solution to these challenges. Essential for fostering a robust and efficient IT ecosystem involving Apple devices, Jamf is the key to overcoming management hurdles, ensuring security, and streamlining compatibility within diverse workplace environments.

Elevate Your Apple Device Management Experience


Seamless Integration

Jamf is the MDM solution that seamlessly integrates with the Apple ecosystem, making it a top choice for businesses relying on macOS and iOS. With a deep understanding of Apple devices, it ensures effortless management and optimal performance, ensuring all Apple devices work harmoniously in your organisation.

User-Centric Design

What sets Jamf apart is its user-centric design. It places users at the center, simplifying device management tasks for both administrators and end-users. The intuitive interface and user-friendly experience streamline operations, reducing friction in your IT workflows while enhancing user satisfaction and productivity.

Security & Compliance

Jamf goes the extra mile when it comes to security and compliance. Its robust feature set empowers organisations to enforce strict security policies, manage software updates, and maintain compliance with ease. Whether it's protecting sensitive data or meeting industry-specific regulations, Jamf offers comprehensive solutions, providing peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Managed Apple

Leverage Techstep's expertise to implement solutions for managing iPhone, iPad, and Mac clients effortlessly. Our approach integrates industry best practices and proactive services, guaranteeing optimal performance for your solution.

  • Standardised best-practice implementation and configuration, ready to enrol users
  • Easy enrolment of users through Apple Business Manager
  • A dedicated team of experts running and monitoring the solution proactively
  • Advisory for the use of technology like conditional access, privileged access management


Features to be impressed by

If you want to enrich your Apple experience and unlock the full potential of the entire Apple ecosystem, Jamf is your go-to solution.

Step up your game in managing your Apple devices. Enjoy features that boost security, make management a breeze, and improve user experience. 

Zero-touch deployment

Effortlessly provision and configure Apple devices remotely, saving time and reducing manual setup for IT teams.

Customised Self-Service

Empower end-users to install apps and perform tasks independently, reducing support requests and enhancing productivity.

Secure Device Management

Implement robust security policies, encryption, and remote wipe capabilities for comprehensive device protection.

Scalable Architecture

Grow with your organisation's needs, ensuring seamless management of hundreds or thousands of Apple devices.

Automated Patch Management

Keep software up to date and secure, minimising vulnerabilities and maintaining compliance effortlessly.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into device usage, security, and compliance, empowering you to make informed, data-driven decisions for more effective IT management.


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