Henrik Bjur

After leaving Techstep to work for another employer for a few years, Henrik missed his previous colleagues and realized where he belonged.

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Meet Henke

Name: Henrik Bjur
Age: 42
Techstep Office: Sweden
Role: Customer Services Manager
When did you start at Techstep: April 1, 2006  

What brought you back to Techstep, Henrik?

–  The reason I came back to Techstep was the people. My colleagues are very important to me!

What is your current role?

– I am working with customer support as the Customer Services Manager. Together with the support team in Karlstad, we do our very best to support our customers when they are in need. 

What are your goals for the future?

– My main goal for myself and my department is to always aim to serve our customers in an optimal way. I believe this is done by staying close with the customers so that we can easily understand and solve their needs. 

What are your thoughts on the future world of work?

– I believe that the current trend of hybrid work will continue and that we will see more people working outside of the physical office. New ways of working also requires new ways of supporting, and I believe that our customers will need 24/7 support as they are no longer attached to pre-defined working hours or locations. We look forward to serving our customers even in the future!
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