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Configure and secure

Mobile technology can make businesses more efficient. But to safely administer hundreds or even thousands of mobile devices, you need a comprehensible, reliable, advanced platform – like SmartControl.

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What can SmartControl do for you?

How it works

It's essential for your organisation to have a complete view and absolute control of the mobile devices in use by your workforce. Settings, software and information security must all be configured according to the needs of your organisation and each users' role.

SmartControl is Techstep’s management software, and provides you with the capability to precisely configure your mobile devices in bulk, to optimise apps, roles, user groups and policies for  maximum performance and data protection.

How it helps you

Work securely from anywhere

Modern work tools must be able to follow modern employees outside the office, in everyday work, no matter where it takes place. SmartControl secures smartphones, tablets, computers and other mobile devices all the way from purchase and use, via service to recycling.
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How it helps your company

Security and usability that scales

For mobile units to become a key work tool, your employees must be provided with real-time access to potentially confidential information. When your employees carry sensitive company data with them at all times, their mobile devices must adhere to the highest levels of security. SmartControl enables your company to handle all of these issues on every single mobile device simultaneously – rather than one at a time.

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How it helps your employees

More control, less hassle

With SmartControl, your employees will be able to get started on their new devices faster, and have all company content available on their new device straight «out of the box», with no time wasted on setting this up manually.

What do you get?


App management

Control and automate processes to enroll employees on all apps used in the company.

Security from start to end

A consistent concept where mobiles and tablets are secured throughout the life cycle, from purchasing and use to service and recycling.

Device lifespan extension

We provide the security and solutions you need to recycle your company's devices and hence give them a longer life.

Increased efficiency

One platform to manage apps for new and existing devices in bulk, ensuring more efficient processes and workflows.

Authorised enterprise reseller

Apple in business

Techstep delivers a holistic Apple as a service concept that includes the components you need to more easily purchase and manage your corporate iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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