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Got many mobile teams and even more mobile devices? Hand over your company's mobile device management to certified experts who'll proactively support you for the long haul, no matter your company size.


Help your teams do their job better with business-ready mobile devices

Deploying mobile devices across the entire enterprise is much more than downloading apps on individual phones or tablets. With Techstep’s Managed Mobility Services, you’re making sure your employees can start using their devices right away, with no time wasted on manual setup. 

And you hand the entire process over to an experienced team who can handle it every step of the way – from device purchase to recycling and anywhere in between.

2.2 million devices

Managed by Techstep

50+ mobility experts

Instead of a single IT guy in your company

Recognized by Gartner

Named a Challenger in Gartner Magic Quadrant

Get managed service support
across all operating systems

Managed - Microsoft

  • Standardised Microsoft Intune/MEM implementation 
  • iOS and Android device management 
  • Including Apple Business Manager, Knox Mobile Enrolment and Samsung E-FOTA
  • Cloud only  
  • Weekly health checks and follow-ups
  • Monthly fee for admin support with or without a license
    (if you already have O365 E3 license)
  • Hardware as an option 

Managed - Apple

  • Apple Business Manager, JAMF or other UEM setup for managing Apple devices
  • Mac device management 
  • Weekly health checks, updates and follow-ups 
  • Monthly fee including hardware cost, license and admin support 
  • Hardware, software license and admin support in the monthly fee 

Managed - UEM

  • Standardised UEM implementation of client’s choice 
  • Available vendors include Techstep’s own UEM Essentials MDM, Vmware, Ivanti, BlackBerry 
  • iOS and Android device management 
  • Including Apple Business Manager, Knox Mobile Enrolment and Samsung E-FOTA
  • Both cloud and on-premise  
  • Weekly health checks and follow-ups 
  • Monthly fee including license cost 
  • Hardware as an option

Managed - Kiosk

  • Standardised Techstep Essential MDM implementation
  • Configuration of kiosk mode adapted to customer use case and profile
  • Android device management
  • Cloud or On-premise
  • Weekly health checks and follow-ups
  • Monthly fee including license cost
  • Hardware as an option

Managed mobility for all kinds of workers

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Office Workers

Deployment of enterprise devices throughout your organisation is both a hassle and a security risk without a proper setup for device management. With Techstep’s Managed Mobility Services, you‘re employees are not left alone. Device settings and initial level of security and enterprise applications is automatically installed and your users can get productive right away. 

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Frontline Workers

Managing shared devices used by frontline workers to perform critical tasks requires particular concerns to both usability and security. By locking the devices down with Techstep Managed Kiosk you get a solid foundation for handling shared devices presented in a highly customisable locked-down interface enabling more efficient usage and fewer production losses. 


Employ expert knowledge for optimal performance

Techstep experts are up-to-the-minute with all the tech trends and tricks of the trade. They will make sure your devices follow the latest best practices coming straight from the device manufacturer, including device setup, security and software updates, and troubleshooting hacks. 


Keep your company safe from modern-day security threats

We’ll make sure all your devices are always up to date with the latest releases of operating systems, security patches, and app versions, protecting your company against viruses, ransomware, malware, or phishing attacks. 


What's included in Techstep Managed?

Expert knowledge

A team of experienced professionals who know everything there is to know about mobile device management.

Proactive services

Regular health checks along with software and security updates to keep your device performance consistently high.

Easy deployment

Business-ready mobile devices your teams can start using right away, without the need for manual setup.

Premium support

Access to first-line support so you can avoid long waits and productivity drops while mobile device issues get fixed.

Access direct tech support faster

Getting in touch with device manufacturers to fix issues usually takes time. And that time often impacts your mobile teams’ work performance. 

At Techstep, we have direct relationships with manufacturers like Apple, Google and Samsung – in fact, we’re one of few Apple-certified providers in Europe and Asia

Get issues resolved before they appear

Techstep experts are always there anticipating hardware, software, and connectivity issues before they have a chance to escalate and impact performance.

With weekly health checks and monthly reports, you’ll save time and avoid stressing over your team’s results and your company’s data security – no matter where your employees are at any given moment.

Work with the only Challenger in managed mobility services

Techstep was uniquely named a Challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services in 2022. Combined with years of experience in the field, this means you’re getting best-class service and unmatched expertise. We’ll clearly identify your company’s mobility needs and potential and set a measurable outcome we’ll be working towards.

Read our blog to understand how Techstep stacks up against other managed mobility service providers.

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