Make mobile device procurement a convenient digital process

Offer your team the mobile devices they want in a customized self-serve webshop while keeping costs under control and saving admin time.

Lifecycle Implement

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The easiest tool for company-wide device lifecycle management

Give your employees the freedom to choose their own devices and stay in control of the company’s mobility assets and associated expenses.


3 reasons to try Implement

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Your employees get to choose the device they want

Your employees get access to a pool of mobile devices they can choose from and order for themselves. You set the maximum price the company covers, and if they decide they want a more expensive device, they can cover the difference through a one-off split payment.

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Save your back-office departments some manual admin work

You don’t have to manually register mobile device users every time. Your employees will be able to log in using their secure company credentials, while your admin team has a clear overview of all the mobile devices and their users, contracts, and subscriptions.

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Set up and enforce a transparent mobile device policy – automatically

You decide what your employees can buy, how much of the company’s money they can spend, and how long they have to use a device before they can buy a new one. The platform automatically applies your rules to all the employees and devices, so you don’t have to do that every single time.

Techstep Lifecycle Implement

How it works

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A customized online store
You get your company’s own webshop with a predefined range of mobile devices and a price list, independent of mobile service providers
Single sign-on
Integrate the platform with your identity service provider so that your employees can log in to the webshop with their company credentials while you configure specific access rights.
Clear overview and easy management tools

Manage and keep an overview of all assets and costs using online admin tools:

  • Filter users by status, role, or department. 
  • Set up quarantine periods to define when employees can buy new devices.
  • Set up split payments for more expensive devices your employees can select.
Mobile subscription management

Add an extra option to manage mobile subscriptions in the same platform:

  • Start new subscriptions or transfer employees’ existing subscriptions to your company and back to the employee when they leave.
  • Order and activate SIM cards for your employees.
  • Change or cancel subscriptions as needed.

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