October 20, 2022

What is an Evolve Journey and why should you start it tomorrow?

Companies claim to be consumer-centric. At the same time, we hear that employee expectations to work with mobile enabled modern tools at hand are not met today.

What is an Evolve Journey and why should you start it tomorrow?

Empowering employees is the way to provide more value to your customers, and thus be more consumer-centric.

Today, a lot of efforts go into designing a perfect consumer app, great interface design and UX. But providing a great UX is not only about a well designed interface. It is also about streamlined operations and infrastructure. And it’s about the workforce that is enabled to serve customers in the best possible way. That means, employees need to work with modern apps that enable mobile work and efficiency to access the data at the right time.

Working in a mobile way starts with understanding the business vision and setting the plan for mobility that connects to business objectives. At Techstep we call that plan an Evovle Journey.

Evolve Journey helps companies to work better with mobile technology, create mobile solutions that make employees work easier, more fun and more modern, and deliver more value to end-customers.

How to start the Evolve Journey?

To define the Evolve Journey we run workshops with our customers where we define the first Evolve Journey iteration with prioritised activities for 1-6 months and the backlog for 6-12 months. In detail the process looks like this:

  1. Get the team together in one physical or digital workshop room. We start off by gathering the stakeholders involved from different parts of the organization, e.g. digital, IT, commercial teams. The aim is to get different perspectives around the current mobile app ecosystem, digital products used by customers and employees, IT architecture in place and overall business goals. We facilitate the discussion, bring mobility expertise and best practices seen in the industry.

  2. Understand the vision. Where does the business want to be in 1 year time? Identifying the milestones is key to defining the journey of how mobile technology can serve the  business best.

  3. Understand key obstacles. What could prohibit reaching the set vision? The common obstacles we see today are lack of mobility expertise in the company, costly and inefficient processes around app management, siloed data infrastructure, poor customer needs understanding.

  4. Define the plan for the first 6 months. In the workshops we identify most pressing pains and priority focus areas. We build on that to create the first iteration of the mobility journey that pinpoints key activities for companies to start working with. 

Why start an Evolve Journey?

The Evolve Journey is always tailored to the specific customer’s enterprise setup. To ensure easy integration we leverage the current mobility capabilities our customers have today, e.g. current skill set, processes, and infrastructure. Combining it with the latest mobile technology developments and our best practises acquired in the industry, we ensure the sustainability of the investment. At the same time, delivering a structured plan in 6 months iterations ensures that it is easy to act upon from day 1. 

Are you ready to empower your employees to deliver more value to your end-customers and your business? Evolve Journey can help you get there. 

Claes Widestadh Author

Claes Widestadh

Interim COO