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160 kilometers outside of Stavanger and into the North Sea is the location of ’Johan Sverdrup’ – one of Equinor’s newest fields of oil and gas. The field was opened at the beginning of October 2019, well ahead of time before the planned opening date. A number of digital solutions, including digital training and preparations, were crucial for ’Johan Sverdrup’ to open as early as it could.



The thousands of people that have built up ’Johan Sverdrup’ are mainly performing non-digital work, where the most value is added when handling physical tasks and real people. However, there was a huge potential in making these deskless workers more efficient, productive, and happy.

With long distances between sleeping quarters, control room, physical working spaces, and the food canteen, moving between the different units at an oil field usually requires unnecessary waiting and physical movement. In addition to the need of efficiency, Equinor also saw a potential for transformation and innovation with regards to practical instructions and controlling of tasks.




With the solution Techstep Managed, which included business ready iPads equipped with more than 60 applications, the deskless workers were empowered to perform their tasks in a faster and more precise manner supported by the iPads’ camera and user-friendly functions. The iPads were not only used for work at the platform, but also went with the workers around the clock supporting updates, training, and next days preparations.

A digital twin of Johan Sverdrup was created with 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) so that the team could more easily see how to carry out a task, and check that everything has been implemented according to the drawings. Over 30 000 changes were made with support from 3D/AR.  

Moreover, the skills development, communication, and access to accurate status and real-time information from all users played an important role in ensuring the worker’s safety and prevent accidents.

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