March 29, 2022

New agreement with major player in innovative construction

HeidelbergCement Norway is investing significant resources in spearheading the development of digital tools and processes used in construction. Techstep will now supply the construction group's approximately one thousand employees in Norway with phones and administrative tools.

New agreement with major player in innovative construction

Every day, countless construction projects across the world use ready-mixed concrete.

Manufacturing cement, mixing it into concrete, and then pouring it as evenly as possible is a complicated and resource-intensive process. That is why HeidelbergCement, which over 150 years has built itself up into one of the world's leading manufacturers of building materials, is pulling out all the stops to generate digital innovation and development together with its customers and partners.

To achieve its goal of becoming an "industrial technology company", the company is investing in solutions that streamline processes, increase employee safety and strengthen sustainability. One of the results of this investment is HConnect, HeidelbergCement's suite of digital tools, developed to relieve customers' biggest headaches.

One element of this solution is the OnSite system, which has an app that customers can use to monitor concrete deliveries in real time. Each month more than 14,000 active users in eight countries already use the solution that streamlines construction site organisation, reduces wastage of ready-mixed concrete and improves the bottom line by providing better access to data and real-time information.

Simplifying daily routines for a thousand employees

Now Techstep will make it easier for HeidelbergCement to expand in Norway too: Based on a new agreement, HeidelbergCement is installing our SmartDevice tool on the phones of around a thousand employees in Norway.

Techstep's customers will use SmartDevice to manage the entire life cycle of their mobile business devices. The tool has an online store, and a self-service portal that both end users and administrators can use to manage mobile-related tasks. The company is also transitioning to supplying phones as a service at a fixed, monthly cost, instead of as a large up-front investment.

SmartDevice will also streamline and reduce the costs of HeidelbergCement Norway's IT operations, and make the mobile component safer and more sustainable through safe procedures for reuse, repair and recycling of used equipment.

Important for further work

"Techstep's core products provide customers with a number of important benefits: They get mobile devices at a lower price through a service model, and enable employees to manage the choice and use of mobile phones through a self-service portal that significantly reduces the company's administration," says Gunnar Aasen, Chief Revenue Officer at Techstep.

"This frees up time for customers to focus on using mobile technology to improve the working day for their employees," he explains.

Aasen reveals that the contract has a total value of around NOK 8 million over two years, where an estimated NOK 588,000 relates to Techstep's software. You may read more about SmartDevice here.

Erik Haugen Author

Erik Haugen

Chief Transformation Officer i Techstep