May 6, 2022

Techstep acquires Norwegian competitor to WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram

Techstep buys the Norwegian company Crypho to provide customers with a secure end-to-end encrypted chat and collaboration application. With stronger encryption, better security, and local data storage, Crypho is even better positioned to give businesses and organisations a safer, more modern everyday life.

Techstep acquires Norwegian competitor to WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram

The rise of cybercrime and geopolitical developments have contributed to a stronger need for safe and encrypted communication than before.

In the private market, solutions such as WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram have become popular, but they are primarily intended for private use. Many businesses and government agencies must follow requirements and rules that these platforms do not support, nor are they designed to fit how organisations or teams work together. This is what Techstep has now solved by purchasing the Norwegian software company Crypho.

Optimised for mobile work streams, whether on iPhone or Android (or on Mac and PC), the application from Crypho allows for mobile messaging, group chat, and file sharing that allow teams to communicate and collaborate confidentially online. The main difference is that Crypho's solution is developed from the ground up with an extreme focus on security and end-to-end encryption – without the disadvantage of a complex solution to utilise for its users.

Techstep's «SmartControl» portfolio already offers customers one of the market's leading enterprise-level mobile security solutions, and Crypho's app will complement it with functionality that is hyper-relevant to the vast majority of organisations. For encrypted communication with subcontractors, partners or others outside their own organisation, many have previously had to put the IT department into action with two-way VPN solutions or equivalent. With Crypho, you can easily use the app to exchange files, run video meetings, or make conversations one-on-one or in groups, without fear of safety.

– We buy Crypho as a continuation and reinforcement of Techstep's product portfolio. We will take the technology and program with us to our customers both in Norway and abroad in Europe to offer a digital collaboration and communication solution that is safe, easy to use and in accordance with GDPR rules, says CEO Børge Astrup in Techstep.

In addition to taking over the existing customers on the Crypho solution – such as The Norwegian Police, Oslo Municipality, Helse Vest and the National Security Authority among some – the transaction also means that Techstep takes over Crypho's award-winning platform for continuation in their own product development department.

Further details of the transaction are available in the stock exchange release announcing the deal.


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Erik Haugen Author

Erik Haugen

Chief Transformation Officer i Techstep