April 24, 2023

Why is digital sustainability important?

Learn more about how a sustainable digitalisation strategy can help you maximise your business benefits and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Why is digital sustainability important?
To take advantage of the full potential of digitalisation, businesses today need to ensure that their technology is fully up to date, with functional and secure mobile devices. But it takes more than just investing in new technology to achieve results, stay ahead of competitors, and reap all the benefits of doing business. To succeed, businesses must adapt to a sustainable and long-term digitisation strategy throughout the organisation.


Digital sustainability: a long-term business strategy

The influence of technology on our society is steadily growing, and there’s no sign that this trend will stop. In fact, digitisation goes hand in hand with competitiveness and profitability in almost all industries. Because of this, more and more companies are investing in sustainable and long-term digital solutions that both simplify daily work for employees and help businesses run more smoothly.

Because of this, digital tools and devices have become business critical. Companies nowadays invest a lot in technology to streamline and automate tasks that often consume large amounts of resources. However, what many fail to take into account is that investing in new technology is not enough. It must also be tailored to the actual needs of the business and the tasks performed by employees. If the technology doesn’t work as it should, it’s pretty much useless.

An example of this is a company's mobile devices. Equipping employees with smartphones or digital devices is easy, but managing a large number of technical equipment over time is hard. In addition, creating sustainable asset management practices and taking care of the total lifecycle of devices is both difficult and time-consuming for the IT department.

So, how do you as a company create better digital sustainability? Can you digitise your business in a more sustainable way, in terms of your mobile devices? Is there a strategy for how devices can help you from a longer-term perspective? Is the best option to buy and own your employees' mobile devices, or is leasing a better option for your business?

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The circular economy fosters digital sustainability

As the number of digital and mobile devices continues to grow, so does the amount of electronic waste. This is a side effect of the rapid digitalisation we’re experiencing. Not only does this waste damage the environment, it also contributes to a large amount of energy being consumed and a significant amount of carbon dioxide being emitted during its production.

Let's put it this way: the creation and use of mobile devices will never be good for the environment. However, if the answer to the above questions is that you want to have a more sustainable approach to enterprise mobile devices, circular device management is the best solution. This is where an external partner can be of great help, providing support and management throughout the lifecycle of the devices.

This type of solution has enormous potential to help companies create a more long-term and sustainable digitalisation, by minimising resource consumption and making usage more responsible. It also means that you can maximise the lifetime and overall value of the devices; a win-win situation.

The benefits of circular use of mobile devices

In addition to the significant environmental benefits associated with circular use and sustainable digitalisation, there are many reasons why companies should invest in a partnership that equips employees with functional mobile devices.

  • IT security
    Partnering with a vendor that equips employees with functional and secure mobile devices increases the security of your IT environment. The partner ensures that all mobile devices are up-to-date and safe to use, and that settings, apps and usage are tailored to your needs. But why is this so important? Because of an increasing number of digital threats, data breaches and cyber-attacks. This means that businesses must implement the right security measures to protect their IT environment and business information. This includes, for example, encrypting data, implementing strong passwords and regularly updating software, which is especially important now in the era of hybrid work environments.

  • Resource and cost savings
    Leasing your business mobile devices can lead to cost savings in the long run, as your company can streamline processes and eliminate manual tasks related to the administration and maintenance of technical details. Why not let your IT department focus on its most critical tasks, instead of managing your company's smartphones? A partner may sound like an unnecessary expense, but is it really possible to put a price on cybersecurity expertise today?

  • Efficiency
    A functioning digital workflow, with mobile devices compatible with the existing IT infrastructure, increases efficiency and productivity for your employees. Smartphones and mobile devices should also integrate easily with existing systems, email, chat tools, calendar and file sharing systems. This allows everyone to access information and complete tasks anywhere, anytime.

  • Customer and employee experience
    Mobile devices that work optimally deliver both a better customer and employee experience. Let your employees use mobile devices that work well and make it easy to communicate with customers and colleagues, without hassle. The ability to offer your organisation the option of leasing devices, such as allowing employees to select their own smartphones, is a great perk that can help to draw in potential candidates.

How to succeed with digital sustainability

The demands on corporate digital sustainability are likely to increase significantly in the coming years. It’s therefore important to be prepared and to have a good understanding of the factors that are crucial for sustainable digitalisation. So, what steps can you take to ensure your company is ready to meet the challenges of digital sustainability?

In short, it's about investing in technology that’s built to last and designed to be recyclable. You also need to ensure that devices are easy to use and safe to operate, as well as compatible with the IT environment. This way, your company can minimise its environmental impact, reduce long-term costs and provide employees with the tools they need to be productive and efficient.

Here's a list of other things to consider:
  • “Everything that can be digitised should be digitised” — if your business is to become more sustainable and competitive in the long term, comprehensive digitisation is a key to success. So, why not go all in? Remember, it's not just about investing in technology. Digitise in a way that suits your particular business. Continuous adjustments usually contribute to an organisation that’s better equipped for the future.

  • Test your organisation. How digital are you really? What problems do employees face on a daily basis? Are there any problems linked to mobile devices? What possible improvements can be made to make practices and processes more sustainable, such as managing the security of private use of smartphones? Involving a partner can help your company address these issues.

  • Change and innovation have always been a success factor. If you make the daily lives of your employees easier at the same time, that's just a bonus. So, are functional, mobile devices a solution to avoid production stops and interruptions, while improving your communication and routines?

  • Procure by function, not by budget. Set relevant sustainability requirements in the procurement of products and services to ensure the right results. Procurement by budget is no longer recommended in a modern working environment.

  • Increase awareness and knowledge within the organisation related to information and cybersecurity. This strengthens the company and minimises the risk of negative consequences of digitalisation and the use of mobile devices.

The key to a sustainable transition is a long-term strategy

Using our expertise in mobile technology, we at Techstep can bring a positive change to your daily work life. We are dedicated to giving businesses and employees the freedom to work more efficiently, securely and sustainably using their mobile devices. Our goal is to deliver and maintain clients' technology in a way that makes their businesses more sustainable, with solutions and innovations that create opportunities, and don’t limit technological development.

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