Device Lifecycle Management

Techstep Lifecycle

Simplify and digitise lifecycle management for all your company mobile devices. From enrolment to recycling, all in one transparent and secure platform.


A convenient, secure, and sustainable way to manage all your mobile devices

The Techstep Lifecycle solution lets you digitise the entire mobile device lifecycle management process, so you can stay in control and get more efficient, all while lowering company costs associated with purchasing and managing the devices.

Depending on your needs, you can opt for different products within the Lifecycle suite, which include an online store, lifecycle management software, device leasing, and more.


Take your first step towards digitised lifecycle management ​of mobile devices.


Digitise the procurement process and keep costs under control

With Implement, you get an online store where your employees can order the company smartphones and tablets they want. You control who can purchase the devices, when they can do it, and how much they can spend under a transparent company policy.

  • Each employee can securely log in to the self-serve portal and order a mobile device.
  • They can choose a more expensive device and pay the difference themselves.
  • You define the timeframe when they can buy a new device.
  • As an additional option, you can use the online portal to manage all mobile subscriptions for your employees.

What do you get with the Implement product?

Picture 1
Your own corporate webshop

An online store where your employees can order the company smartphones and tablets they want

Picture 2
Split payment

Employees get to choose more expensive device and pay the difference themselves as a one-off cost.

Picture 3
Secure login for your employees

Connected to corporate SSO systems,  the secure access ensures fast, convenient login to the webshop.

Picture 4

You define the timeframe when the employees can buy a new device.

Transactional Device Lifecycle Management


Manage the entire mobile device lifecycle from enrolment to recycle

With Transactional Device Lifecycle Management you get the self-serve portal where your employees can buy their mobile devices plus tools to manage the entire lifecycle of each device, including their return and recycling.

  • Get complete device lifecycle management, with new mobile devices, repairs, returns, and device buyout.
  • Have a real-time overview of all devices, costs, and mobile plans in one online portal – for everyone on your team.
  • Offer your employees the devices they want. You can split the payment if they choose a more expensive device.
  • All devices are purchased as one-off payments, and your company owns them.

As a Service Device Lifecycle Management


Lease mobile devices with all the tools to control their lifecycle

In this model, you get all the benefits of the digitized mobile device lifecycle management with added cost control through a monthly device leasing fee. 

  • Automate your policies for the purchase, ​repair, return, and buyout of mobile devices.
  • Let employees buy more expensive devices and pay the difference through a fixed monthly payment deducted from their salary.
  • You keep an overview of all devices, plans, and costs through a secure online portal. 
  • Your company leases the devices from Techstep, while you have all the tools to manage them per your company policy.
- When our mobile devices can no longer be reused, they are recycled in a good way.


Choose the product that suits your company

Group (7)


Product functionality:
  Secure access
  Split payment
  Asset registration
Group (8)

Transactional Device Lifecycle management

Product functionality is everything in Implement, plus:

  Asset lifecycle management
  End of asset lifecycle management


As a Service DeviceLifecycle Management

Product functionality is everything in Implement and Transactional, plus:
  Advanced residual value
  Salary deduction

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