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Västtrafik is responsible for public transport in western Sweden. Every day, more than 444 000 customers choose to travel by Västtrafik's buses, trains, trams, and boats.


Västtrafik – A mobility solution that supports 440 000 travelers every day



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Västtrafik's existing mobility solution for selling and inspecting tickets needed replacement. Their old system was based on an old and unsupported proprietary platform that required two different devices for inspecting and selling supported tickets. Västtrafik also needed to support ticket sales on buses and trains, according to set payment methods, and ensure the safekeeping of their revenue streams by increasing ticket inspections. They also recognised the need to make use of the fast-paced development of mobile consumer devices.



The software solution includes a mobile application for inspecting and selling tickets, a web portal for user administration, planning and reports for analysis and insights, and integrations with Västtrafik and its partners. The solution was developed in close collaboration with Västtrafik, with a long-term commitment to continuously improve and adapt the solution to new needs, regulations, and standards (such as ticket types and payment methods). One of the latest additions to the system is support for tickets on EMV contactless payment cards. Techstep delivered a complete solution, covering the application, rugged hardware, hardware management, and service.



  • The solution supports both ticket inspection and sales using a single device.
  • It is fully integrated with Västtrafik's ticketing sales channels and reporting.
  • Both the application and back office support the use of subcontractors, allowing for a single system to support both ticket inspection and ticket sales by different partners.
  • The process for issuing surcharges is more than four times faster compared to using pen and paper.

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