Reliable Mobile Ticketing: Your All-in-One Solution for Non-Stop Operation

Mobile ticket sales and inspection for public transport

Say goodbye to the semi-automated processes and manual ticket inspections, and hello to a simpler, mobile-first solution for more efficient ticket sales and inspection.  

Inspection & Surcharge 

All-in-one solution for administration, planning, and execution of inspections, validations, and citation issuance. 

Mobile point of sale

User-centric workflows for mobile sales and validation of tickets, connected to payment terminals and mobile printers.  

Agent point of sale

Easily get going with ticket sales via agents or resellers with our intuitive, kiosk-enabled solution, ready to deploy out of the box.

Rugged mobile devices

Secure and rugged mobile devices, fully managed and configured as a service, for increased and reliable productivity.


A complete, ready-to-deploy ticketing solution

Drive revenue growth and elevate passenger satisfaction with our comprehensive mobile ticketing solution featuring rugged mobile devices, intuitive ticketing software, and efficient planning tools delivered as a fully managed service.  

We made ticket inspection more efficient for

Watch our solution at work

Since 2014 our solution has helped ISS to deliver millions of inspections and issued thousands of citations. Watch the video* or read the case to learn more. 

 *Disclaimer: Optidev was acquired by Techstep in 2020. 

Inspection & Surcharge

Minimise ticketless travel 

Implement our mobile ticket Inspection solution to increase paid travel and promptly add surcharges for fare evasion, enhancing your income streams and minimising ticketless travel. 

  • Log in for instant workday schedules  
  • Swift ticket inspection with auto-reporting  
  • Read tickets using various methods: by scanner, NFC, camera, or manually 
  • Quick surcharge issuance with person verification, auto-filled forms, and printed invoices  
  • Digital evidence - capture signatures, videos, and photos
Validation & Mobile point of sale

Modernise transit sales

Enhance service and profits by selling and validating tickets on-the-go with our intuitive software on handheld devices, paired with payment processing options. Enjoy increased flexibility and keep pace with technology by leveraging our mobility solution built for non-proprietary hardware.  

  • Combine sales and validation for operational efficiency 
  • Offer instant sales and service for travellers 
  • Upgrade existing systems with mobile functionality 
  • Issue BoB and ABT tickets instantly; cEMV ready 
  • Read tickets using various methods: by scanner, NFC, camera, or manually
  • Implement SoftPOS: Use Android devices for payments 
  • Support multiple payment methods 
Agent point of sale

Grow your reseller network 

Expand your reseller network with our user-friendly, kiosk-ready mobile solution available in a complete, easy-to-start kit. It comes fully operational right out of the box, accompanied by simple setup instructions for agents. The package includes a tablet, printer, and mount, all equipped with our intuitive software for a hassle-free launch. This versatile solution caters to agent-driven ticket sales at any scale, from large merchants to local stores. 

  • Ready-to-use kit for immediate start  
  • Streamlined user setup and user management  
  • Service-oriented solution for effortless operation  
  • Remote support and monitoring  
  • Sales and returns processing  
  • BoB, ABT, and cEMV ticketing support 
  • Ticket validation and information for customer service  
Managed Mobile Devices

Work more efficiently

Elevate your operations with our suite of rugged mobile devices, printers, body-worn cameras, and accessories, all provided as-a-service and managed over the air for 24/7 productivity and user satisfaction. 

  • Rugged Android mobile devices and tablets 
  • Mobile and stationary printers 
  • Body-worn cameras for increased security and evidence 
  • Device management for remote control 
  • Increased productivity with an intuitive kiosk interface 
  • Exchange service for next-day replacements  

Increased productivity equals increased revenue

increase of ticket sales with ‘undercover’ ticket inspections
18.8 million
inspections and validations performed every year
surcharges issued on a yearly basis

Features in our total solution

Our comprehensive solution for ticket sales and inspection comprises of outstanding ticketing software, mobile devices, ticket printing, body cameras, and device management services. Together, they form a holistic solution for ticket sales and inspection.



Ticketing app 

A user-centric app simplifying the ticket validation, citation and sales process, saving valuable time and improving the customer experience.

Planning tool

Efficient inspection planning tool that optimises and simplifies the work of ticket inspectors. It provides pre-planned workdays directly accessible within the ticketing app.

Rugged mobile devices

Personal or shift-based tough mobile devices and accessories for rough environments and harsh working conditions.  

Body cam

Increase security and facilitate evidence capture with body cams and automatic recordings triggered by citations

Mobile printouts

Easily administer layout and design for printing receipts, tickets, and citations using either fixed or mobile printers. 

phonelink_setup (2)
Device management

Fully managed mobile devices locked down in kiosk mode to increase user experience and ensure steady productivity

Exchange service

Replace broken devices and accessories with our next-day exchange service.   

BOB, EMV, NFC and more

APIs supporting common standards facilitate easy validation, inspection, point of sale transactions, and ticket/citation printing. 

Custom integrations

Easy integration with your back-end systems for invoicing, planning, ticketing, ticket information, and more.


Guaranteeing reliability and security with our geo-redundant hosting in the Nordics.   


All pieces needed to implement, roll out and operate a fully functional mobile ticket solution, from hardware to software.  


Boost productivity with efficient support services, encompassing incident and problem management, to aid users with their devices and software.


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