Since 2023, Techstep has provided Waxholmsbolaget with a mobile solution for selling SL-cards and tickets, coinciding with the region's new ticketing system. This solution features quick ticket issuance, user-friendly interfaces, and a built-in messaging feature, leading to satisfied users and efficient operations.

Leveraging our existing Agency Reseller solution for the Stockholm Public Transport Authority, we adapted the platform for Waxholmsbolaget, focusing on practical use on ferries and crew workflows. Throughout the project, we closely collaborated to meet both technical and user needs, prioritising the requirements of crew and passengers.

Waxholmsbolaget - A total solution for efficient ticket sales and validation at sea





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Solution elements and features








  • Ticketing app
  • cEMV reading capability
  • Secure self-managed IDP
  • Broadcast & messaging
  • Geo-redundant hosting
  • Asset management
  • Rugged Samsung tablets
  • Citizen stationary printers
  • Zebra mobile printers
  • Tailored Brodit mount
  • MDM via SOTI Mobicontrol
  • Samsung E-FOTA
  • Device staging & kitting
  • Exchange service
  • Solution support


The customer journey

Based on insights and feedback from the Agent Reseller solution provided by the Public Transport Authority of Stockholm, the decision was made to incorporate support for diverse workflows and branding for Waxholmsbolaget into a single app. Below, we outline the customer journey, starting from the analysis of requirements and needs to the operational implementation of the solution.

STEP 1: Analysing requirements and needs

Mapping the purchase process

Due to a high volume of travelers purchasing tickets upon docking, we identified the need for a purchasing flow focused primarily on single tickets and group tickets. The crew members responsible for ticket sales needed a purchase flow that was as fast as possible while remaining user-friendly and intuitive.
Drawing on ideas and feedback from Waxholmsbolaget, the team developed several drafts. After multiple workshops, we settled on our initial suggestion. Through subsequent iterations and feedback adaptations, we refined the purchasing flow to combine efficiency and user-friendliness. It was then ready for the next phase of prototyping with wireframes.

wåab_wireframes 1
STEP 2: Prototype and design

Designing the workflows

To establish a smooth sales process for ticket sales, we needed to consider the dynamic nature of ticket sales. This involved identifying the most common ticket types and ensuring ease of sale, particularly for tickets that require more detailed input, such as multiple tickets and group tickets.

Another requirement was to support the crew with service features, including the ability to display information about travelers' tickets by scanning them, both the SL-kort (SL card) and the Ö-kort (Island card), which is a special card available only to residents of the islands.

To ensure an effective application design, we utilised iterative wireframing as a straightforward and rapid approach for testing and gathering feedback.

STEP 3: Solution development

Implementing the solution

The implementation of the project required developing the application to accommodate changes in work processes. This was done iteratively and in close collaboration with Waxholmsbolaget, who participated in early testing of the application.

As the application was developed, the cornerstones of the solution were prepared. This included all aspects of software-as-a-service such as hosting, monitoring, redundancy, as well as hardware-as-a-service involving procurement, configuration of hardware and services, EMM profiles, and connectivity, ensuring a complete solution aligned with the planned go-live date.

Using Waxholmsbolaget's brand book, their homepage, and insights from their working environment, we ensured the new look resonated with their visual identity.

STEP 4: Go live

Rollout and testing

The rollout of this project followed our standard methodology, beginning with a small pilot conducted in the actual production environment to ensure that the solution and all adjacent systems were operating as expected. Thanks to continuous testing and close collaboration between Waxholmsbolaget and Techstep, the pilot phase for this project was completed quickly.

After just a couple of weeks and some minor adjustments, both Techstep and Waxholmsbolaget were confident to proceed with the full-scale rollout of the new ticketing solution. Following a successful rollout, the project swiftly transitioned to a hyper-care period before finalizing the project and moving into active maintenance of the solution.

STEP 5: Governance

Learn and improve over time

Frontline solutions need to be monitored and evolved to remain relevant and deliver the greatest value. This reflects our natural approach, maintaining continuous collaboration with our customers to ensure the solution functions as expected and includes the necessary features.

An example of an improvement made after the solution's launch is the implementation of a dark mode. This wasn't just a modern aesthetic choice; it was a clean, low-light theme specifically designed for boats to prevent crew members from being blinded while working in very dark conditions. The dark mode was requested and designed to mimic the appearance of the sonar systems used for navigation, primarily using black and dark-toned orange colors to achieve an almost monochromatic look.


The final result

Waxholmsbolaget needed an updated ticket sales system to support the region's new ticketing system, enabling the issuance of both paper tickets and cEMV SL-card tickets. Their goal was to optimise the sales process and simplify daily operations, ensuring tickets could be sold quickly and efficiently.

Key factors for the success of the solution included:

    To facilitate the onboarding of a new point of sale, the setup is made simple with an easy interactive workflow, guiding users step-by-step during the first startup of the device.

    The solution is delivered as a complete kit that's ready to use right out of the box. A messaging and broadcast feature is implemented in the app, providing an easy way to send information to users at Waxholmsbolaget.

    The user-friendly application provides user management, a messaging feature, and workflows tailored to the needs of Waxholmsbolaget. The application securely integrates with the new ticketing system, which functions as both a sales and ticketing back-end.

  • cEMV ABT
    To communicate with and validate the cEMV cards used for the closed-loop SL-cards, the application utilises our cEMV implementation and the built-in NFC reader of the Android tablet. The application integrates with the new ticketing system, which provides the ABT data.


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