Electronic waste: impact on our environment and human health

Whilst the opportunities gained by using electronic devices are huge, we have to reduce the amount of e-waste we produce to protect our planet and its people.

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Electronic waste: impact on our environment and human health

May 12, 2021

How to deliver an agile app project with SAP and iOS SDK

Agile app development is gaining increasing popularity replacing the traditional waterfall model in many projects. The latest version of iOS SDK by SAP is one example of an environment in which software development teams can deliver agile app projects with great success.

May 20, 2019

Requirements Analysis in an Agile World

Organizations have to cope with requirements in regard to product or service development on a daily basis. The same applies to the launch of new business activities or enhancement of existing products or services. That is why businesses need to have the tools to identify and sort those requirements that bring highest value to the market. Moreover, you should be quick in analyzing the requirements if you are to develop and deploy a product within a reasonable timeframe to be competitive.