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SmartDevice is Techstep’s mobile device lifecycle solution. Digitising work processes connected to handling mobile devices gives you clear procedures that provides safety and cost savings for the company and employees.


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SmartDevice provides an overview of all mobile usage in a single platform. It simplifies administration and provides an overview and control of costs.

In order to ensure control and predictability of total mobile costs, a clear framework for the company’s digital equipment is extremely helpful. It would also provide employees with greater freedom and efficiency regardless of where they are working from.


Security: Data is exchanged securely when business processes, systems and colleagues are connected using a single platform. The possibility of regular replacement of mobile devices provides increased quality and security.

Freedom: Increased freedom for the company and employees results in an easier working day.

Common policy for all employees

The company establishes a common policy for all employees, which makes it clear what is covered by the employer and what must be covered by the employees themselves.

Complete lifecycle management of mobile devices

SmartDevice provides an overview of all mobile devices within the company and where in their lifecycle the devices are. Employees no longer need to involve their immediate manager in matters relating to their mobile devices. The company will have complete control of all mobile devices (personal and non-personal mobile devices).

Predictable financing

The company distributes costs by leasing mobile devices throughout the entire contract period. The distribution of costs throughout the contract period helps ensure financial predictability and stability. If an employee wishes to buy a more expensive mobile device than would be covered by the company, the employee may choose to pay the difference through a fixed salary deduction each month - without having to involve their immediate manager.

Sustainability: Repairs, reuse and returns

If the mobile device is damaged, the SmartDevice process manages the repair service and a courtesy device so that unnecessary purchases are avoided, while also ensuring that employees always have access to a mobile device. When mobile devices are returned, the company may choose to reuse the device or recycle the device using a third-party supplier.

Everything is administered through a single self-service portal

The cloud-based self-service portal simplifies administration for managers and employees alike

  • Ensures that everyone adheres to the company’s policies

  • Overview of all active mobile devices, as well as devices that have been returned, bought out or recycled

  • Everything can be managed by the employees themselves without any need to obtain consent from the immediate manager in the event of mobile device purchases, repairs or returns


Benefits for the company

  • Ensures that everyone adheres to the company’s policies
  • Employees perform the task themselves without

    involving their manager

  • Financial predictability

  • Helps the company become sustainable

  • Ensures control and overview of all of the company’s mobile devices

  • Increases the digital security of the company

  • Greater freedom on the part of employees results in happier employeesIncreased quality of equipment when replaced regularly 


Benefits for employees

  • Fair and clear policies

  • Greater freedom of choice when selecting mobile devices

  • No need to involve their manager when buying, replacing or repairing a mobile devices

  • Fixed monthly lease for the entire lifecycle period, deducted directly from salary

  •  At the end of the lifecycle, the employee may choose to return the mobile device to the company or buy the mobile device themselves

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