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November 29, 2022

Vy Bus - With everything in one tablet

The difficulty for Vy Bus has not been to provide 7.000 bus drivers with their own tablet, but to incorporate all digitalisation, apps, and process improvement that came with it. This is what creates results within an organisation.

May 30, 2022


The contract with Spordrift comprises some 3.500 mobile units – of which around 900 are iPads, and more than 90 % of the remainders are iPhones..

May 17, 2022


Västtrafik assist 444,000 riders daily with the support of mobile ticketing system from Techstep

April 28, 2022

Vodafone Business Hungary

Techstep manage offered Vodafone’s corporate clients the ability to support a wide array of devices, applications and operating systems, and to manage every single device from the second it is activated.

March 23, 2022

ISS - Ticketing Solution 2.0 – Faster, Easier & More Flexible

ISS was receiving increased demands to update and strengthen the solution used by SL for ticket inspection. We were contracted and developed a complete solution with an intuitive user interface and powerful back office functionality, built on a scalable and future-proof platform

February 19, 2022


Techstep helped Wurth to improve work of sales department thanks to tablets on which employer had installed internal CRM applications.