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Mobile Technology Procurement - A Guide for the Public Sector

Want to master mobile technology procurement in the public sector? Our guide offers insights and recommendations on what to consider when purchasing mobile technology. The guide addresses and provides hands-on advice on factors to consider from a purchasing perspective when designing public tenders for mobile devices, lifecycle management, endpoint management, and security.

Utilising Residual Value of Mobile Devices - A Long-term Win

Mobile devices are often cast aside after a relatively short period of use. Not recirculating devices when a new one is purchased has a negative impact from a financial, environmental, and security perspective. Let’s go through how to avoid these issues by rethinking the way of buying your mobile devices. By accounting for each device, you can transform your investment into a real win-win situation.

What it Takes to Support the New Way of Work

For most organisations, the New Way of Work will be very different from how work was performed pre-pandemic. Many practices that were implemented during the pandemic has now evolved and become best practices. Remote First and Virtual First are practices mandated by many organisations and successful IT organisations need to fully embrace and adapt to support them well.

How CFOs can save time tracking mobile phone costs

Mobile phones are rarely a company’s highest cost. So why let them take up so much of your finance department’s time? In a recent survey, Gartner highlights that having the right digital systems in place allows you to automate more processes – and gives the company more control.